“Go Bags” – From Idea to Community Effort

When Kirsten Nash wondered how she could help homeless people in Vancouver “on the go” the first ideas for “Go Bags” were born.  After getting a great deal on fleece fabric Kirsten set out to make 50 fleece blankets, with help from her son Jesse.  While producing the blankets Kirsten thought about putting them in bags – and adding other items too.  Wondering what would be a good addition to the blanket bags, Kirsten reached out via Facebook to friends who gave her numerous suggestions.

With help from friends and family “Go Bags” were born.  Kirsten’s garage quickly became a warehouse filled with items ranging from feet warmers to water bottles which necessitated a call-out for production line assistants!  Good friends (and fellow mums) answered the call along with their kids.  This community effort made for a quick and efficient assembly line which produced 50 “Go Bags”!  When Kirsten saw Covenant House’s Facebook posting listing items that we were in need of those 50 “Go Bags” were quickly delivered to our door.

Special thanks to Kirsten and all involved including Krista Kennedy and her family who helped assemble and drop off all the great “Go Bags” at Covenant House.  Your hard work on behalf of the youth we serve is very much appreciated!

Go Bags pictures