It took a while but Alex is now ready for our support

 “Alex” had previously stayed at   our Crisis Program   twice but was struggling to build relationships with staff. On his third stay  Alex opened up and explained about the struggles that he was facing. Alex talked about his drug use and how he felt it was holding him back from being the person he wanted to be. Alex felt that he was not ready to trust the staff and his fellow co-residents on his previous stays, but now felt that he was ready for support and help to make positive changes in his life. Alex was able to gain the support he needed and has gained valuable life skills that helped him to secure and maintain a job and to find his own accommodation.

Alex is a good example of the youth that come to Covenant House and a good example of Covenant House values of always being there for the youth. Offering the same support and welcome, no matter where they are on the journey in life. If a youth is ready for support, the support is there. If they are not then the support is there when they are ready.

Being new employee at Covenant house it has been very inspiring to see the interactions and relationships that are built with the youth. It is amazing to empower them to work toward their goals and to be a part of their journey.  

image of a male youth