Norman learns how to grocery shop

A new opportunity has recently come up in the Crisis Program where youth can accompany a youth worker to buy groceries on the weekend. It was a good addition to the weekly cooking program. On one quiet evening, only one youth “Norman” expressed interest in shopping. Nonetheless, Norman and I walked over to the closest grocery store and we spoke about his plans.

I was aware that Norman was moving out soon and he disclosed that he didn’t have too much cooking experience and would like to learn more about purchasing the best groceries. As we walked through the grocery store I pointed out different items and taught Norman about the various things to look for at the store. Upon returning from the grocery store, several other youth joined Norman and me to make a meal. After the cooking group, Norman thanked me and shared how much he appreciated the experience. I was glad that Norman had taken the opportunity to join in the shopping and that it was a valuable for him.

picture of grociers