A wonderful thing happened at work one afternoon…

One of the reasons I love working at Covenant House Vancouver is the opportunity to connect with our donors and supporters. One recent visit has really stood out and I would like to share my experience.

When young Matthew dropped in to our Drake Street location with his mom and his sister Kristina, my spirits lifted upon meeting them. One look at this little guy and I knew he had something special to share. His eyes were so lively, and his energy seemed hard for him to contain. I invited them up to my office, and learned that Matthew had a donation of $57.00 that he wanted to give to us. He had just turned 6, and had collected from his friends in lieu of birthday presents. He told me in his own words that he wanted “to help the young people who needed it”. He had been inspired by his older sister, who had also collected donations for us the previous year instead of presents on her birthday.

Matthew and Kristina were so happy and excited to be giving and they couldn’t stop smiling. Their mom later shared that some of the parents and kids at the school that Matthew attended were inspired to do the same thing.

It really was like a ray of sunshine in my day, to see firsthand the generosity of these youngsters. I’m so grateful for parents like Matthew’s mom, who are encouraging the spirit of giving in their children, creating a generation of caring and community minded individuals.

What inspiring young philanthropists!

Shared  by  Jen  Moric,
Development  Officer  – Individual  Giving

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