Kind-hearted stranger returns lost brunch money to ROP

“Last weekend, myself and two of our youth from Rights of Passage were on our way to the grocery store to get supplies to make Community Brunch.  I tucked the envelope containing our budget of $30 into my pocket and we started the short walk to the market.  Upon arriving, I reached into my pocket and realized the envelope was gone!  The youth and I quickly ran back the way we came, retracing our steps and looking in corners all the way back to Covenant House.  Unfortunately, we did not find the envelope but we grabbed my debit card and Community Brunch was back on!  Our youth were humble about the situation and hoped that the money was picked up by someone who needed it more than they did (there were a number of people we saw sleeping on the streets and pan handling while we walked to T&T in Chinatown) which made me smile at how giving our clients can be when they themselves can come from so little at times.

Fast forward to next weekend when I return for my shift and Chelsea (Manager of ROP) comes to hand me the budget for Brunch again and adds a second envelope.  Chelsea tells me that someone had found the money from last weekend and returned it to Covenant House!  How did they know where to bring it?  Well, the envelope we seal the money in is a Covenant House envelope with our emblem printed boldly in the corner and the only writing on this envelope was “Brunch Money”.  The person who picked up the envelope may or may not have known what Covenant House is.  However, I would like to think that our organization is so well known to the community in our mission to serve youth that whoever this amazingly honest person is, they knew that the money was going towards something important and special to our clients and returned it so that this could happen for them!”  

–  Doreen , Youth Worker

image of envelope with money  

PS. Just this week another kind stranger found a backpack belonging to our youth that contained important papers and identification. They saw a Covenant House address on her envelops and brought the backpack to us. The youth was so happy and relieved to have their belongs returned to them. Thank you!