Keeping our youth safe & cool in the summer heat

When we think of homeless people and weather we generally worry about it being too cold not too hot but summer weather can have a negative impact on the homeless as well. Homeless people often lack places to get fresh water and areas to stay cool. At Covenant House Vancouver we prepare for the heat and make sure our youth that are living outside have proper supplies. We provide water bottles and water, sunscreen, cool clothing and remind them to take it easy and seek shade when it is hot.

If you want to help homeless youth this summer here are a few things we always need: reusable water bottles*, sunscreen, bathing suites, flip flops and summer clothing. If you have questions about donating please email or call Amy  at  or 604-639-8937.

Also when you are out and about this summer keep an eye on all people and check in with them if they are looking ill.  When we work together as a community we can all have a happy, fun and safe summer!

*This item is especially needed*picture of a water bottle