Is ROP the right fit for Tyson?

Tyson was first taken into our Crisis Program in late spring after spending 3 days in detox. This was his first time ever staying in with us so Tyson was apprehensive. He quickly settled into the Crisis Program and learned the routine and structure. He was relieved and then optimistic about what he hoped to achieve while in shelter. Tyson was quite successful with sticking to his plan, which was initially focused on job searching, and with developing positive relationships with co-residents and staff.

Two months later, Tyler secured work and was eager to get out and be out on his own. He was offered various supports to transition into independent living and was confident that he could do it alone. Tyson was also informed about Covenant House’s supportive living program, Rights of Passage but after taking a tour of the ROP space and learning that the program started out with a fair amount of structure; Tyson decided it wasn’t for him as he wanted to “do his own thing”.

Tyson moved into one of the first places he viewed after spending 2 ½ months in the Crisis Program. Tyson thanked staff for all their help went along his way. Two weeks later, Tyson showed up at Covenant House with a dissatisfied look on his face. He explained to our staff that living on his own was nothing like he planned. His place was not cleaned when he arrived, it took over a week to get a fridge and his upstairs neighbor passed away the day he moved in. Tyson hesitantly asked if he could come back.

Tyson was grateful to be back and he was eager to do “do it right this time”. He was soon after accepted into a job training program after which he secured full time employment. This time, Tyson was keen to apply for the ROP program and now saw some of the benefits to having staff support and continuing to build life skills as part of the program. To his excitement, his application to ROP was accepted. Days before moving, he excitedly talked to staff about having his own room with a fridge and space that was going to be his. Tyson moved into ROP a month and a half after his second stay in our Crisis Program and has been enjoying life on his own…“Covey-style”.

image of young man