Harley is glad to back in our Crisis Program

One of our newer youth, Harley, had been asked to take a break (youth may always return to us unless they have been  physically abusive towards staff or other residents) from our  Crisis Program  as she was struggling with the rules and following staff direction. She has since returned  and today I overheard her speaking with another youth in shelter saying how much better she felt to be back. She said she was only gone a few days but after being here for three weeks she was so used to knowing when meals were and what to do with her day that she felt so lost not being here. She said, I just thought “ok what do I do now…”

So far her stay here is going much better and she is getting things in order. At first her to do list felt insurmountable but she is using staff support to chip away at what she needs to get done.  Harley has been working hard and she enjoys her time with staff. We are able to role model healthy relationships, something Harley needs in her life.

Welcome back Harley and keep up the good work!

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