Alexandra’s strength & confidence grows daily

Alexandra just finished her first stay at Covenant House in our Crisis Program. When Alexandra was assigned to my list of youth, I prepared for some struggles. The shelter structure can be overwhelming, not only for newcomers but also those who have stayed with us multiple times.

Alexandra arrived at Covenant House after a recent relapse. Her family had cut financial and emotional support. Alexandra was understandably fragile and highly emotional. Alexandra was connected with a lot of resources prior to coming to us, and I wondered how Covenant House would fit into her support network given that she had never accessed our services before. What happened over the next two weeks for Alexandra was amazing to see.

Alexandra was able to engage in all the community supports available to her with impressive commitment and motivation. As she did this, she utilized our resources to provide her with day to day encouragement, food, clothing, and a safe space to stay as she focused on her sobriety and successfully obtained a bed in a treatment facility.  The last shift I worked with Alexandra during her stay I could hear her having encouraging conversations with youth about their days, and she motivated a small group to engage in an art activity which at times can be a challenge even for our staff here. The future for Alexandra remains uncertain; but seeing her strength and her confidence grow day by day was a great experience for me to share in as her worker.  

strength image