Jody a former youth pops in for a visit at ROP

In November I had a great surprise when one of my past clients visited me. Jody had done a wonderful job in the Rights of Passage Program (ROP) and had moved out March of 2014. In my work with her we focused on time management, confidence building, boundary setting, maintaining a job, attending school regularly, self-care, budgeting and cooking.

Jody told me that she had completed her training as a Dental Hygienist, and was starting work in this field that very weekend! She had maintained her employment at a busy Downtown cafe all while finishing her studies. She was still living in the studio apartment that she moved into from ROP with the support of our Housing Team, and was also maintaining her budget with confidence. Jody told me she had made the choice to reconnect with her past counsellor here at Covenant House in order to get a bit more support. I congratulated her for having the courage to reach out when she needs it. What a great life skill!

We talked about all the great things in her life that have been happening and her new love for yoga and fitness, which she does for self-care. Jody is currently working hard to save for overseas travels and adventures in the future. She plans to travel solo, which does not surprise me given her determined, and friendly nature, and ability to set realistic goals.

Jody and I plan to catch up again soon and go to yoga together. She is an incredibly funny, hardworking, caring, witty and capable young woman, and I feel really lucky to have been able to reconnect with her. Sometimes in our roles as youth workers we do not get to ever see the youth again. So moments such as these are priceless.

image of youth young women