Give a Day: Build a Life and help youth build a strong foundation for a bright future

Most of us are lucky enough to learn essential life skills from our families. We take for granted our ability to care for our physical and mental health, maneuver education and employment systems, budget, cook, and clean. But if you think about it, without a present and reliable caregiver, you would have large gaps in your knowledge and ability to navigate adulthood.

Rights of Passage (ROP), our long-term transitional housing program, teaches young people the life skills they need to achieve successful and self-sufficient lives. Youth in ROP are required to build strong foundations for their sustainable futures by furthering their education or expanding their employment experiences.

The inspiring young men and women in Rights of Passage are committed to changing their lives, but they need your help.

Today is the beginning of the Give a Day, Build a Life campaign – an opportunity to directly support these young people working hard at achieving brighter futures.  

Can you Give a Day to help our youth build a brighter future?

A gift of $6,500 will fully fund ROP for 24 hours, giving 25 young people a safe supportive home and opportunities to build strong foundations for self-sufficient futures. You will also let them know that people in their community care about and believe in them- such an inspiring gift!

We are looking for individuals, companies, and community groups to fund 24 hours of this life-changing program.  If you would like to Give a Day and contribute $6,500 to help all of the young people in ROP achieve brighter futures or would like to learn more about the Give a Day, Build a Life campaign, please  call 604-638-4438.

“Soon, I’m going to graduate and move out on my own. I feel able to do this because of all the support given to me by the staff. For the first time in my life I knew I could always count on seeing someone, even when I just want to be alone, if I needed someone there for me. With constant support, I’ve learned how to support myself.”

                                                                                                      -Rikki, current resident in ROP