An amazing youth outing to Southlands Farm

As a volunteer with the Covenant House I get the opportunity to take the youth on weekly outings in and around the community. Recently we visited Southlands Farm and I think I can safely say it was a memorable experience for everyone that we will not soon forget!

When we arrived at the farm we met a couple of the resident farmers around a warm campfire as they were composing a song on the guitar about their forever evolving dinner of stew made from ingredients around the farm!

We introduced ourselves by saying out first names along with our favourite vegetable, which was a surprising (but great) ice breaker! We talked about the farm and how it came to be and what brought the farmers to Southlands.

As a group, we walked around the property stopping to meet and greet the animals. We even got to experience the farmers putting the ducks to bed, which amounted to corralling the ducks into their house/shed for the night. The task definitely looked a lot more difficult than it sounds (think herding cats)! There were plenty of horses and sheep and chickens! I’m sure we could have spent the entire night just hanging out with the animals.

We were then treated to the infamous stew for dinner, cooked over the camp fire, and made from seasonal ingredients found around the farm! After we finished warming our bellies, the guitar once again made an appearance and some lively rounds of “Down by the Bay” ensued!

When it was time to go, the energy continued the whole van ride home. The girls were singing every song under the sun together (no need for the radio). I was blown away by the comradery that had formed since our quiet van ride out to the farm!

A couple of the girls expressed interest in going back to volunteer on the farm!

A humongous THANK YOU to Farmers Jordan, Katie and Laurel for hosting us and letting us experience Southlands Farm! It truly is a wonderful escape from the big city (and it’s only 15 minutes away from downtown!)

I have been on many outings with Covenant House and our trip to Southlands Farm definitely tops my list of favourites (and I think the girls would agree)!

Southland farms outing