A celebratory jig is done when Kailey sticks to her plan

During evening staff shift change at our Crisis Program it was passed on that one of our youth was at her boyfriend’s work party. Another youth worker and I looked at one other skeptically. Kailey has been really doing well with a lot of aspects of her plan and has had a long successful stay. She has struggled with drinking in the past and with her relationship with her boyfriend. It was his work party. Todd jokingly commented “well if she returns tonight by curfew that would be awesome. In fact if she returns I will do a little jig!”

Curfew is 11:00pm on Saturdays and at 10:30pm Kailey was back! She did not drink, didn’t miss curfew and left early because other people at the party were very drunk and she found it annoying to be around. Both of us were in the office when she returned so as a man of his word he told her what he had said and gave her a celebratory jig. Kailey thought this was very funny and was very proud to have stuck with her plan. Way to go Kailey!

clip of cartoon man dancing