A talented young lady helps other youth craft Christmas presents

It is almost Christmas time and our staff have organized many activities (both in and out of house) for youth to participate in. On this particular evening staff had planned an arts and crafts evening, and youth were encouraged to make presents to give to their friends and family for Christmas. Staff purchased all the supplies for making a scented bath soak, jewelry boxes and picture frames. After setting up all the supplies, staff went around the Crisis Program recruiting youth to participate.

Doing crafts is not for everyone and it was difficult to find willing participants. One female youth said she was interested in doing crafts and started sorting through the supplies. As it turns out, she was incredibly gifted at art and started making gorgeous and very detailed crafts. As she was working away other youth started to look at what she was making and asked her questions about her project. She encouraged the other youth to participate in the project and even helped them to get started on their gifts.

Before we knew it there were 6 or 7 youth gathered around a table, glue-guns and paint-brushes in hands. At the end of evening, all the youth involved had creative and unique presents to give to their loved ones over Christmas. This project gave the youth an opportunity to give presents during a time when many of them did not have the funds to do so otherwise.

 Image of girl crafting