Intact Foundation – Helping us to Transition our Youth to a Home

We are extremely fortunate to have received support from the Intact Foundation for our Independent Living Program!
Youth who are homeless in Vancouver face significant barriers in finding housing, including the low amount of rental accommodation in the city, the high price of this type of housing and a lack of life skills with which they can obtain and retain housing.  The Independent Living Program helps our youth to bridge these gaps by building community relationships to increase access to affordable housing options and teaching life skills so they can manage relationships with landlords, cook and clean in their apartments, and self-advocate based on their rights as tenants.
The Intact Foundation has been a valued supporter of Covenant House since 2003. Over the years, they have made a tremendous difference to our youth, enabling them to take those first critical steps in getting off of the streets.
Since Intact Foundation’s inception in 2003, approximately $4 million per year have been donated to support programs and initiatives that help make our communities a better place to work and live. Intact invests in community programs run by registered charitable organizations in Canada that reflect their mandate and their two focus areas: at-risk youth and climate change adaptation.
A big thank you to the Intact Foundation for helping us make a difference in hundreds of young lives!

Thank you to Intact Foundation