Oliver gets a chance for a new life

“Oliver” came to us with his father. He had just arrived in Canada from Central America. He spoke very little English so it was difficult to communicate. Google translator was used quite a bit. Oliver was from a farming community but had to leave his land. His father was a Canadian citizen so in turn; Oliver had status here in Canada. His father was elderly and working with another organization to help him.

Oliver was quite motivated to do well and make the best of the situation he found himself in. Within a week or so he had applied for his I.D’s, got a Social Insurance Number, enrolled in school for English classes and got a job as a valet. He was always very polite and followed the structure of the program. He was always grateful of everything we do here and the help he received.

He had been here around 5 months and everyone was amazed how good his English was. He understands everything and we can all understand him and have regular in-depth conversations. He is still going to school every morning then goes to work in the afternoon and returns late in the evening and works weekends. He has saved a considerable amount of money. He always tells us how grateful he is for the food, clothes, help and support he receives.

He never complains and is probably one of the most humble people I have ever met. We are now working on some housing options which look promising and he looks set to move on from our Crisis Program soon. He still makes time in his busy days to spend time with his father.

Every young person that comes to the Crisis Program has their own story and journey that is unique and different. This young man’s journey is not as typical of majority of our clients but I am fully convinced he will do well in life. I feel the Crisis Program gave him a chance at a fresh start and feel grateful to be part of his journey.

Fresh start sign