A simple cup of tea makes all the difference to a young lady

A few months ago a young girl was staying with us in the Crisis Program. I work the night shift and I remember that when she first arrived she would often come to the office in the middle of the night saying that she had had a nightmare and couldn’t get back to sleep. We would make her some tea and sometimes she would sit with us in the office for a while and chat. Sometimes she would prefer to sit in the common space and read her book or draw for a little while. She never wanted to talk to us about what her bad dreams were about and that was ok.  She’d usually go back to bed after about half an hour.

When she decided to move on she left a little note for the night staff saying how it had meant a lot to her to know that we were there at night. The note said that she found nights difficult and that it was a comfort to her to know that we were there and that it also made her feel safe.

It really touched me to think that something so simple like a cup of tea or a little chat might have meant that much to her and that it made her feel a little safer. 

tea image