Becky rediscovers the joys of fun & healthy activities

Tonight, I sat and watched TV with Becky. While in some ways this could be considered a small task to accomplish with a youth, for Becky this is something to celebrate. When Becky first moved into Covenant House she was experiencing great struggles with overcoming her addiction. Prior to entering our Crisis Program Becky had been in the hospital multiple times due to drug overdoses. Several medical professionals and family members were very concerned for her and her health. Becky identified that her main goal coming to the Crisis Program was to stay sober and get into treatment.

Becky connected to staff and other youth within her first couple of days and was always very pleasant and easy to get along with. Becky began to open up to us about how before coming to Covenant House she would go out and use drugs anytime she was feeling bored. She went on to explain that since being in the Crisis Program she started doing activities that she hadn’t done for years, such as hanging out and watching TV, doing art work and playing board games.

Becky experienced some setbacks while working towards her goals, but continued to show great resiliency and patience throughout her journey. When Becky first moved in we were not sure how her stay would go and how ready she was for change in her life.  Becky reconnected to and regularly meets with her community support workers and family to rebuild her relationships.  Becky has been sober for several months and continues to work towards her goal of getting into treatment.  

Way to go Becky! 

Youth creating art