Thanks to a supportive environment George is getting many tasks accomplished!

Recently  George came up to me to say “I’ve never gotten as much accomplished as I have since I came into shelter”. George isn’t originally from Vancouver, and had spent his childhood bouncing from city to city with his family. He described his family as having problems with addictions and never having enough money. George had lived independently before, but struggled with money and drinking.

In the short time that George has been in our Crisis Program he has seen a doctor for health issues, has been organizing getting photo identification, has been to the dentist, and has completed a job training program. Tonight, while we were going over all of the tasks he has accomplished, he was so proud of everything that he has gotten done. When I asked him what he thought the reasons was for getting the tasks accomplished, he stated that he thought it was because he had staff helping him figure out what needed to be done and how to go about getting everything done.

Checklist image