A poem about honouring each person’s individual journey

“If you are going to help me…”
(Author Unknown)

1. Please be patient while I decide if I can trust you.

2. Let me tell you my story. The whole story, in my own way.

3. Please accept that whatever I have done, whatever I may do, is the best I have to offer and seemed right at the time.

4. I am not a person; I am this person, unique and special.

5. Don’t judge me as right or wrong, bad or good. I am what I am and that’s all I’ve got.

6. Don’t assume your knowledge about me is more accurate than mine. You only know what I’ve told you. That is only part of me.

7. Don’t ever think that you know what I should do – you don’t. I may be confused, but I am still the expert about me.

8. Don’t put me in a position of living up to your expectations. I have enough trouble with my own.

9. Please hear my feelings, not just my words – accept all of them. If you can’t, how can I?

10. Don’t save me…I can do it myself. I knew enough to ask for help, didn’t I?

Help me help myself.