Josh takes one step forward and two steps back before he is able to achieve his goals

I remember Josh telling me that he didn’t expect that he would end up in a shelter. He moved to Vancouver to live with friends, but it ended up not working out and he had nowhere else to live. However, he seemed to adjust to our Crisis Program well. This may be because Josh had previously worked with youth workers as he had been in foster care.

Josh was the type of youth who was “one step forward, two steps back”. Even though he had barriers which initially kept him from completing his tasks, he was always willing to chat with staff about what he could do differently or what might work better for him. He expressed to us that he felt that he was cared for at Covenant House and how he hadn’t previously felt this from his family.

Josh ended up finding a full time job and leaving the Crisis Program, stating that he wanted a break to try and make it on his own. He returned several times to visit with staff members and was very proud when he finally found himself his own shared accommodation. As he showed staff the pictures of his new place, he never stopped smiling and thanking us for supporting him in achieving his goals. 

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