Thanking Canucks Sports and Entertainment for providing incredible experiences for our youth

Recently Canucks Sports and Entertainment donated box seats (enough for all of ROP to go) for the Black Sabbath show at Rogers’s Arena and then sadly the show was postponed. Canucks Sports and Entertainment felt bad even though it was no fault of their own and provided us with a different outing at a Canucks game, which our young people had an amazing time at.

Then when the Black Sabbath show was rescheduled they again arranged for ROP to attend in box seats, our young people had an incredible time and a night they won’t soon forget.

Check out some quotes from our youth:

“Thank you for an amazing night and memories that will impact me forever.”

“Awesome show, Ozzy the legend and the crew! Thanks a mil!”

“Thank you for giving our youth a night to remember!” – Chelsea, Manager at ROP

Thank you Canucks Sports and Entertainment for your ongoing support and giving our youth the opportunity to experience these amazing events. 

Pictures and thank you's from Black Sabbath show