One Positive Decision

This past winter, a Sunday night art group was offered at Covenant House which was run by youth workers and was open to all. The art group was optional and provided youth staying in our Crisis Program an opportunity to participate in a therapeutic group activity.

One evening, Sam, a youth worker, made the announcement that art group was going to begin and any youth interested in attending were to meet in the front lobby in 5 minutes. Once in the lobby, youth worker and 4 interested youth were all bundled up and ready walk the 15 minutes to art group.

Once out the building and around the corner, Sam heard someone calling her name and as she looked around she noticed it was Becky, one of the girls staying in our Crisis Program. When Becky caught up to the group, she stated she was going to go out with her friends tonight but saw the group leaving and decided to come ‘check out’ art group with them instead.

While at art group, Becky chose to participate in the paper mache activity, and asked Sam to help her. While engaging in the art activity, Becky turned to Sam and said “I’m really happy I chose to come to art group tonight instead of going out with my friends, I am having a good time. Plus If I ended up going out with my friends I might have ended up staying up all night drinking and going back to my old ways.”

Sam smiled at Becky and told her she was happy she chose to come as well. 

One positive decision