Sometimes we teach our youth and sometimes they teach us!

Over the course of many months, Sam shared with me the barriers which he faced and the steps that he had taken to overcome these barriers. One strategy that he found helpful in overcoming some of his barriers was practicing yoga. This was a passion that we both shared, and he was aware that I had been practicing yoga for many years.

Sam was also aware that over the last year while I had begun school, I had stopped my practice. When Sam heard about this, he began constantly encouraging me to begin going to yoga again. He reminded of some of the benefits of yoga, such as being better able to focus and feeling relaxed. Sam took advantage of the free yoga classes which he accessed while in our Crisis Program, and constantly encouraged me to go with him. After a couple of weeks of encouragement, I finally had a free day that I could attend yoga with him. This continued on for a few months, and between both of us we were able to encourage many other youth to attend weekly yoga with us (many who had never had an opportunity to try yoga before).

As a Youth Worker, we have many opportunities to teach youth new skills, remind them of strategies that have previously worked, and watch them grow as individuals. However, we often forget to reflect back on the moments where the youth have helped us to grow as individuals. With Sam’s encouragement, I was able to reintroduce yoga into my life.

Image of person doing Yoga.