A young lady finds safety and stability at Covenant House

A while back a young lady came to us who was in the middle of a crisis involving her boyfriend. She stated that they moved out to Vancouver so they could live together but after living in a house with a couple other roommates he left to go to Toronto. At first he stated that he was going for some work but would be back very shortly, but when he never returned or called. She realized she couldn’t pay for the place on her own and wound up at Covenant House despite holding down a decent job. After a short stay in the program she was given some information regarding our Rights of Passage (ROP) program and this interested her quite a bit.

She spoke with staff extensively about how she thought it would be good for her to gain some independence with the added support she felt she needed. However, there was one barrier: the boyfriend. At an inopportune time he came back to Vancouver and demanded that she leave the Crisis Program to live with him. He became angry and verbally abusive when she told him how she was interested in ROP and the support it would offer her. She even told staff that she wanted to discharge to live with him just to calm him down. Staff at Covenant House encouraged her to make her own decisions and to do what she though was best for her even if that meant making tough relationship decisions.

After a short period of time this youth’s boyfriend started to come around Crisis Program looking for her but staff were diligent in keeping her safe and not letting him have any knowledge of her location. Things escalated and he became more intense. This youth decided that his behavior was not acceptable and Covenant House was the only stable thing in her life at the moment. This stressful situation made things very clear and youth cut ties with her boyfriend and committed to ROP. Many months later this youth is a successful resident in the Rights of Passage program. She is doing well and is working on building healthy relationships and her self-esteem.

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