A former youth drops by to share exciting news

One of my most rewarding moments as youth worker is seeing “old timer” youths return for a visit and talk about their journey. The insights and reflections that they have about life – their struggles and successes are both an inspiration and a joy.

A few months ago, the receptionist phoned me to come to the front desk because someone was looking for me. The receptionist said that the guest did not want his name mentioned to me because he wanted to surprise me.  When I saw the youth, I was pleasantly surprised to see him after many years. It has been over four years since I last saw this youth when he first stayed in the Crisis Program where I used to work.  When he left for ROP (Rights of Passage), I lost contact with him until this day.

We exchanged pleasantries and reminisced about the good old days in the Crisis Program. We both laughed at different stories from the past. He also talked about his life-changing experience in ROP and how staff helped him attend various job training programs. He said those programs helped give him an edge when applying for food industries jobs which he loves. He was beaming with pride as he told me that he was successful in a job interview that he had just completed. He let me know he was instantly hired to work in a high-end restaurant. In fact, he said he was so excited that he had to drop by and share this good news with me and I was the first one to know about his new job. 

How heart-warming it is to know that of all people that this youth could have shared his success with, it was with me that he chose to share his joy! Oh, those little unexpected surprises in life especially coming from the youth are some of the best joys of this job.

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