TELUS Green Team donates Harvests to Covenant House

The new TELUS Garden building on Georgia Street boasts a beautiful rooftop vegetable garden.  The garden is maintained by the TELUS Green Team, a group of TELUS employees who volunteer their time to sow, weed, and water the garden.  The Community Garden provides a great opportunity for the Green Team to learn how to grow food in a small space, and also incorporates the TELUS 3 Pillars of Health: Active Living, Wise Nutrition, and Mental Resiliency.  In addition to investing in their own health, TELUS employees are also investing in their community’s health by donating their harvests to the young people at Covenant House!

Throughout the growing season this year, the TELUS Green Team will donate the vegetables grown in their Community Garden to Covenant House.  Last week, we were lucky enough to take part in a gardening workshop at TELUS Gardens and brought a bounty of delicious spring vegetables back to our kitchen.  Later that night, our young people feasted on a huge, fresh, organic salad.

People with unstable housing or no home at all often don’t have the opportunity to eat well balanced meals, especially vegetables.  Our young people will very much appreciate your gift of fresh vegetables all summer long- thank you TELUS Green Team!

TELUS Rooftop Vegetable Garden

TELUS Rooftop Vegetable Garden

Salad made from donated TELUS Garden Veggies
Salad  made  from  donated  veggies!