Thank you Raymond James for valuing a culture of giving back and social responsibility!

Raymond James and its employees share a desire to give back to the communities in which they work and live. Across the firm, employees are encouraged to reach out within their local communities and volunteer their time, not only as individuals but more importantly as teams of colleagues, friends and family; to get involved in charities and organizations that they are passionate about.

During Raymond James Cares Month, Covenant House was grateful to receive the helping hands of Raymond James employees, their friends and families. Twelve volunteers from the Vancouver branch sorted through donated Gift-In-Kind items on two different days in May. They were efficient in sorting and organizing items such as clothing and toiletries that are now ready to be given to youth in need.

Volunteers are the only reason we can sort through 132,000 pounds of clothing, linens and toiletries that are donated from members of the community and ensure everything is clean and suitable to give youth.

Thanks to volunteers, we can distribute over 2,000 pounds of items to youth every single week, which helps 1,400 youth each year.

Thank you to the passionate employees, friends and families of Raymond James. It is obvious that you truly do care about those in your community and are passionate about supporting at-risk and homeless youth as they improve their lives.

If you or your employees would like to coordinate a time to volunteer as a group with our Gift-In-Kind program, please contact Amanda Merler by email: or by phone at (604) 639-8920.

Raymond James Cares Month