Youth have a wonderful experience Mountain Biking in Whistler

I had the pleasure of taking 4 ROP youth up to Whistler for the day to do some Mountain Biking with Zero Ceiling. Our morning started at about 6:30am when I picked the youth up at Covenant House. To my surprise they were all awake when I got there.  A few of them were even down in the lobby waiting for me! They were so excited and it was so great to see them greet me with huge smiles on their faces when I got there.   

The drive up was full of laughs and good tunes! One of the youth sat in the front and played DJ while the 3 in the back sang at the top of their lungs. One of the youth that came along had never been to Whistler and had never seen the view along the sea to sky highway which I’m sure I can speak for everyone when I say it’s absolutely gorgeous.  I kept hearing her in the back of the car saying how beautiful the view is and how excited she is to see Whistler. It made me smile seeing her so excited because she really hadn’t had a break in a while. I was so happy she was able to come along on this trip because I know how much she needed it.   

The day went great!!!  The youth didn’t even want to break for lunch because they wanted to get as many runs in as possible. I kept reminding them to take a little break just to drink some water; they just wanted to keep going. I feel so fortunate to have witnessed these youth have opportunity to have a wonderful experience in Whistler. Seeing how excited they were all day really warmed my heart. They all thanked me multiple times throughout the day for taking them. On the way home we stopped at little viewpoints so the youth could take pictures which they expressed they really enjoyed. 

A big thank you to Zero Ceiling for the wonderful mountain biking in Whistler!

Picture of Whistler Zero Ceiling Mountain Biking Trip