Caleb was emotionally drained but determined to achieve his goals

Caleb came to our Crisis Program after leaving his family home due to not being able to live with his Mom who had addiction and mental health issues. Caleb deeply cared for his Mom but could no longer watch her deteriorate and felt he needed to focus on himself. Caleb had some physical health issues which had not been affecting him recently but could flare up anytime and will probably cause some problems later in life.

Caleb got a job in a kitchen straight away and could clearly articulate what he needed to do to achieve his goals. A job training resource with a good reputation was suggested for helping him achieve his goal of working in construction as he felt the kitchen work wasn’t a good fit. He had no problem getting set up in the training program, got all his tickets for working on construction sites and got a job within three weeks.

He started work with great enthusiasm, unfortunately, his Grandmother who he had a very close and positive relationship became very ill. He left our Crisis Program to be with his grandmother who soon passed away and it was devastating for him. Soon after Caleb returned to Covenant House emotionally drained but determined to press ahead with the goals he started out to achieve. He returned to work and since then he has kept on working and set a goal date to move out to find his own accommodation.

Despite some very tough circumstances Caleb is well on his way to achieving his goals! 

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