It took time but Bill slowly built trusting relationships with his youth workers

Bill came to us in need of shelter over a year ago. Slowly but surely we got to know him but it was a struggle as he was quite closed off, also he did not stay more than a couple nights at a time in our Crisis Program. This made it hard for our youth workers to build a relationship with him. Slowly over the course of a year we got to know him a bit better each time he came to us. Eventually some mental health and addiction issues were recognized.

We helped Bill get connected to resources to support his mental health issues but his addiction issues and regular relapses became an obvious pattern. The team at Covenant House remained supportive and welcoming and encouraged Bill to return and keep his stays longer. Bill had trouble building relationships with male workers. Eventually as his trust with each stay grew he got over this hurdle and built a positive relationship with his regular male youth worker.

During one recent stay Bill had connected with a treatment centre that is well known with a good reputation to the delight of his youth workers and case manager. It was a huge positive step he made himself and he had his mind set on going ahead with it. There was a wait to get into to treatment and some struggles occurred by eventual Bill was able to make it for his intake at the treatment centre. We are wishing Bill much luck and success! 

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