Tragedy can result in triumph…

When Eva came to our Crisis Program she was not in great physical health. She had recently had a major operation and was weak and tired following six weeks of recovery in the hospital. When she arrived it was hard for her to keep her eyes open most days, which made it difficult to get to know who she really was. However, Eva carried with her an optimistic attitude and determination to get strong and healthy, and as the days passed the real Eva began to emerge.  

As I got to know Eva better, I came to learn about her past as she shared stories about her family, childhood memories, and struggles with heroin use and how her addiction resulted in many terrible things happening.  As I listened to Eva’s journey, I couldn’t help but think how lucky she was to have found her way to Covenant House Vancouver following her surgery, as the alternative of returning to her SRO (Single Room Occupancy) on the Downtown Eastside would have been devastating to her health and sobriety.

When Eva first came to the Crisis Program it was hard to imagine that she would still be here with us after 2 months and doing extraordinarily well at attending her appointments, eating healthy and getting strong, and staying clean from the drug that robbed her of a happy life for so many years. Eva continues to get stronger every day and as we continue to learn who she is, we are reminded that at times the world works in mysterious ways and that tragedy can result in triumph if the timing is right. 

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