Singing at the top of her lungs…

When Bronwyn came to us she had lost most of her family over the years and knew only her Dad in the past five years. Recently, Bronwyn’s father had passed away. Bronwyn told us that this personal tragedy lead her to spiral into addiction and involvement with the sex trade. One day, Bronwyn decided that she had been through enough and that she wanted a change. She bought a Greyhound ticket and bussed to Vancouver. When she arrived she came right to Covenant House Vancouver.

Bronwyn clearly had a lot of courage to walk away from the life she was caught up in. Staying with us, Bronwyn told me that this was the longest time she has ever been sober and it was making her think a lot. In the past, when overwhelmed with feelings she would use drugs to cope.

One afternoon, Bronwyn asked to speak to me privately. At first she seemed very angry and was talking about how frustrated she was that she was homeless and that housing she applied to was full. She was not making eye contact with me and I could tell there was something more going on. I asked if she wanted to talk about anything else. Bronwyn was silent for a moment and then I saw tears well up in her eyes and fall onto her shirt. She told me she wasn’t used to having this many feelings and that she felt very low. She talked about how much she missed her Dad and that she felt that she has absolutely no one that cares about her now. I reminded Bronwyn that Covenant House cares about her and we want to see her succeed and build a new life. I told her it must have taken a lot for her to come and talk to me. We talked about healthy ways to deal with stress like going for walks, or listening to music. Bronwyn told me she actually felt a lot better after she cried.

Later that afternoon, I walked into the common space to find Bronwyn sitting at one of our computers with headphones on. She was logged into YouTube and was listening to music and singing at the top of her lungs. She caught me smiling and asked, “Am I being too loud?” I shook my head no. Seeing her smile in that moment, I knew that good things were on the horizon for Bronwyn.

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