She had courage to fight for herself despite her challenges

Leti came into our Crisis Program as she had been recently evicted from her housing and was feeling anxious and stressed as she had no place to go. She heard about Covenant House through a friend and decided to come by. Leti was very hesitant about sharing any information with staff and kept to herself most of the time. One day, I noticed her crying in her room and I asked her if everything was ok and she stated that she was fine. I let her know that if she needed to talk that she could talk with me anytime.

She didn’t come to talk to me that night but throughout the week, I would make it a point to go up to her and talk with her and chat about things we both liked, in specific, TV shows. She would smile from ear to ear and seemed to appreciate the small talk. About a week later, I noticed Leti come in to the Crisis Program with tears in her eyes and I went up to her and asked if she was ok. Leti began crying harder and started to share about how she felt her life was falling apart. She stated that she was ashamed that she was staying in a shelter without a job, she had broken up with her boyfriend and she felt broken and helpless.

We talked for some time about life and how every single human being needs help and support at times in their lives. I let her know there isn’t any shame in asking for help as asking for help takes strength and courage. I spoke to her about how things sometimes do not turn out the way we plan them or want them to and the important thing is to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and get back up. She seemed to take this conversation to heart and began opening up with staff and showing appreciation for the support staff gave her. She quickly found herself a job and would come in excited about having to learn certain information for her job. With time, Leti was able to save some money and began searching for housing.

With the support of our Housing Workers and our donations department (donations from our amazing donors), she was able to get all of the necessities that she would need for her new place. On the day that she was to move out, she had tears in her eyes and expressed her gratitude for staff and gratitude for having a place to stay while she was down. It took a lot for me not to start bawling my eyes out right then and there. I did end up crying that day, I cried tears of joy knowing that this youth was moving on and was able to make these changes while in our Crisis Program. She made these changes with the support of our team but mostly her own courage to fight for herself despite all of her challenges.  

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