Covenant House Volunteer Nominated For Outstanding Youth Philanthropist Award

In her first 16 years of life Jaiya Varshney has fundraised and volunteered for more organizations than most of us could ever hope to work with in a lifetime.  Jaiya first brought her energy and enthusiasm to Covenant House five years ago as a grade 8 student at West Point Grey Academy.  From then to now Jaiya has participated in Covenant House’s Thank-a-Thons – coming to our Drake Street building to call donors – simply to say thank you for their support.

As we got to know Jaiya over the years it became evident that she is a special young woman who has a passion for community service and a desire to give back to others.  This started at the ripe old age of 6 when Jaiya donated her own hair so kids enduring chemotherapy could have wigs.  Her interest in helping less fortunate peers grew from there as she focused her fundraising and volunteer efforts on causes including homeless youth helped by Covenant House.  This year Covenant House nominated Jaiya for the Outstanding Youth Philanthropist Award, one of several categories of awards given out by the Association of Fundraising Professionals.  Nominees and award recipients were celebrated at National Philanthropy Day which happened on November 23rd.

Jaiya has a special gift for inspiring those around her with her passion to help those less fortunate in our world.  It goes without saying that Jaiya lives the literal meaning of philanthropy:  love of humanity.

Youth Philanthropy Awards