A young lady staying at our Crisis Program counts her blessings

 A few days before Christmas, we had tickets for a theatrical play donated to our youth and I was lucky enough to be able to join along. One of our youth, Lilian came home tired from work but she wanted to go to the play either way. So Lilian and I trekked our way to meet up with our youth from the male Crisis Program. As we were waiting for the bus she began to talk to me about how she was applying to our Rights of Passage Program. She spoke about it with excitement and was hopeful about becoming a little more independent and cooking for herself as she enjoys doing this. We got a little lost getting to the location but when we finally showed up, the boys hadn’t arrived and the show was about to start. We quickly went in and she was happy that we had gotten donated seats that were so close to the stage.

At the end of the show, we both had a bit of tears in our eyes as it was such a great performance and she said that she was very thankful that she was able to make it to the play. While we were walking back, she spoke about how grateful she was for everything that she had and that this play made her think about how blessed she was to have the things that she had, a bed to sleep on and a place to stay at as some people don’t even have that. It was a small comment but it truly made an impact on me. Without a doubt, life has taken this young youth through tough obstacles including staying here at our Crisis Program but she still finds it in her heart to say that she is blessed and thankful for the things that she has.

To me, it is such a beautiful way to be, to keep being thankful no matter the circumstances that you are in. This reminder from Lilian and others like this are what make me enjoy coming to work here. They remind me to be thankful for all that I have as life is always a journey full of hard circumstances and no matter what it is important to be able to smile through the difficult times and be appreciative for what we have.

Count your blessings