Anna finds the support & resources she needed in our Crisis Program

Prior to living at Covenant House Vancouver Anna lived in a small, remote community. She came to Vancouver with the hope of addressing her mental health needs as well as finding a stable job and place to live. Things didn’t work out the way she thought and she came to Covenant House at a very low point in her life. During our intake process I remember Anna being extremely nervous and she described that she was feeling a lot of shame and had not told anyone that she chose to come to Covenant House. Anna was very emotional throughout the intake, and at one point wasn’t sure if she wanted to enter our Crisis Program as she was so nervous. By the end of the intake Anna seemed like a weight had been lifted off of her shoulders, and she called her family to tell them that she needed help and was staying at Covenant House.

Anna was very nervous and quiet for her first couple of days in the Crisis Program. Within the first week she got connected to many community resources and began engaging with the youth workers and other youth. Anna attended many outings offered in our Crisis Program, thanks to our very generous donors, and was able to do a lot of activities for the first time. Several times I heard Anna talk about how much she was learning and when she went on one outing she said it was the best night of her life. Anna continued to thrive throughout her stay at Covenant House and got connected to a Mental Health Team, obtained a job and applied to the Rights of Passage Program in a very short amount of time. Anna became more and more comfortable and formed meaningful relationships with other youth and the youth workers.

Working with Anna has been so rewarding as she came to us at a time when she was truly ready for change. Seeing how much she has benefited from our resources and how far she has come reminds me of how Covenant House Vancouver positively impacts the lives of so many youth.

Image of female youth