Supporting youth to discover positive self-care activities

For most of us, the idea of self-care comes naturally.  Whether it’s going for a run, knitting, or reading a book, we can easily identify ways we relax and take care of ourselves in order to present our best self to the world and contribute to our family, friends, and work environments. 

However, it is easy to forget that there are many people who live in poverty, experience homelessness, or struggle with complex stress and trauma, and that these issues often crowd out our ability to engage in healthy activities that help to nurture and take care of ourselves.  At Covenant House Vancouver, we support youth in their discovery of these self-care activities and our staff truly enjoys creating opportunities for them to experiment with activities that help them explore a new side of themselves. 

One of our youth workers recently installed a Self-Care Idea Wall in the Pender Crisis Program to remind us all just how many ways we can engage in these healthy activities.  And whether it’s running or yoga, cooking group or knitting, clients at Covenant House are never short of opportunities to learn new ways to take care of themselves! 

Self-Care Discovery Wall