Billy finally has a supportive and safe place to call home

I had moved to working at the male Crisis Program when I first met Billy. He had been staying with us on and off for over a year and a lot of work had been done to try and support him with appropriate housing which had not worked out so far despite numerous attempts. Billy came from a background of growing up in Foster Care.

Billy struggled with living independently and with budgeting skills in particular. Billy also had some mental health issues and learning disabilities which he worked on during his time at Covenant House and he had been connected with other community resources as well. Over time Billy became more stable on his medications, was seeing mental health doctors regularly and built up great relationships with our youth workers. He also completed a job training program that connected him to a full time job he enjoyed and kept for 6 months.

Through a lot of hard work from his Case Manager, Billy finally secured supportive housing from a government run agency that met his specific needs after third time of applying. It was a great day for everyone involved after such a drawn out process that the housing supports and funding needed for this young man was finally acknowledged and finalized. After two and half years of coming to our services Billy now has his own space in a shared accommodation with a family who will support him with meals and daily tasks. He finally has a clean, supportive and safe place to call home. Although he developed an attachment with the staff in our Crisis Program he was definitely happy to be moving on to a more stable, long term setting. Our team is excited to see this young man move on with his life and achieve supported independence.

Image of young man