Resourceful and independent Oliver strives to live on his own

Oliver originally came to Vancouver from a small town in Northern BC. When he first came to our Crisis Program, he was very guarded and challenged many of the structural expectations of our program, especially around our 80/20 savings policy. Under this policy, residents are asked to save 80% of any income they make so they will have money on them when they leave that could be potentially used on rent, for example. Like many of the youth we work with, Oliver has a long childhood history of experiencing abuse and neglect in foster care, and has few coping strategies besides alcohol and drug use. Despite some of these barriers, Oliver is a highly resourceful, independent, and charismatic individual; he was very respectful not to present as under the influence of drugs or alcohol in our space, and over time he was more open to working with his youth workers in order to save money.

Throughout many of his stays, Oliver worked diligently on job searching so he could eventually have enough money to move out. Oliver had many employable skills and was often hired right away, but it was also challenging for him to stay in one job for long as he would sometimes get bored and would experience a relapse. Although Oliver and his youth workers had had many challenging conversations initially about his pattern of leaving his jobs and how this is affecting his progress on finding stability, over time Oliver became more receptive to having these conversations due to his positive relationships with his youth workers. On his last stay, he had over $1000 in savings and had found a job that he is passionate about. Last we heard of Oliver, he is still working in the same job and has his own place that he is renting in the city!

Keep up the great work Oliver! 

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