Property Managers and Landlords we need your help!

Our Housing Support Workers  help youth find and hold on to safe and affordable housing but we need your help. As we all know there is a lack of affordable rentals in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. Our Housing Team is finding it increasingly hard to help youth who are ready for independent living to make that next step simply due to lack of space.

By working together we can help provide you with quality tenants that would be appropriate for your buildings and that would have the support of our team. We work with our youth on life skills such as budgeting, cleanliness, cooking skills and many other supportive programs so they can live healthy and independent lives.

Property managers you would have longer term tenants that are appropriate for your residency that also have the additional support of our team. We would be available to liaise with you if any concerns or issues arose with a tenant recommended by us.

If you are interested in learning more or setting up a meeting please contact us at the following:

Marc Lefebvre
Housing Support Outreach Worker
 Covenant House Vancouver

Linda Robinson
Housing Support Outreach Worker
Covenant House Vancouver

Image of apartment building