A weekend of swimming, soccer and salad!

This past weekend was quite a busy one. At one point, we had up to twenty young women here at the Crisis Program; so we made sure to run some fun activities to keep the youth active. On Saturday, we took some youth to the swimming pool in Kits—everyone loved it! The next day, four youth went out for an afternoon of soccer in the park (one even scored a goal during the first game, it was amazing).

Despite all the busyness though, the balcony garden is proving to be the perfect quick get-away spot. Throughout the weekend, youth would head up there with their instruments to sing, play some music and just relax. I think there’s something about being up there with the fresh air and the plants that we’ve all cultivated together that really makes the space special.

 Gardening picture

Before we knew it, some of the herbs and vegetables from the balcony garden were ready to be harvested. Five of the girls participated in our cooking program this weekend and used some fresh pickings from the garden to make a Greek salad and a potato salad. Not too shabby if I can say so myself!

Greek Salad Picture     Potato Salad Picture

All in all, it was another great summer weekend here with the youth. We’re looking forward to more just like this.