A note of thanks from Sister Nancy Brown

Thank you so much for your generosity and your commitment to young people.  Every  time you make a gift to Covenant House Vancouver, you show love to young people who are suffering. You help give them a fresh start at life.

You have made a significant impact for the youth who come through our doors, and you’ve helped give kids like Charlie a second chance. Charlie came to Covenant House as an underage youth who traveled all the way from Eastern Canada to Vancouver hoping for the fresh start that he desperately needed.
Charlie had battled anxiety and other health concerns. His method of coping resulted in mixing dangerous amounts of drugs and alcohol into his life. He had a history of bouncing from one home to another. He didn’t have much stability at all.
Luckily for Charlie, he was blessed with people like you by his side. Donors like you changed Charlie’s life. You showed him the love and support he sought.
We are blessed because you are giving these youth a second chance. Thank you for your generous support.

With sincere thanks and gratitude,

Sister Nancy Brown ,  S.C., O.B.C
Sister Nancy Brown Signature

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