Hockey Helps the Homeless raises an incredible $50,000 for Covenant House

This year, Hockey Helps the Homeless is helping fund Covenant House’s Female Crisis Program with an incredible gift of $50,000! Hockey Helps the Homeless held it’s most successful tournament to date and it means homeless youth are the true winners. By supporting community organizations and raising awareness, Hockey Helps the Homeless works towards a future where every Canadian has a place to call home.

Homeless young women are particularly vulnerable to the dangers of living on the streets. Physical assault, sexual exploitation, and mental illness and addiction are things that many struggle with every day. Many times they are often reluctant to access homeless shelters and other support services as they feel unsafe in mixed-gender environments. Our Women’s Crisis Program is designed to mitigate this issue.

We recognize that in order for young women to exit homelessness, they require a focused exit strategy that provides them with everything that they need under one roof, rather than having to travel to multiple facilities which can increase the risk of them falling or being forced back into street life.  Hockey Helps the Homeless’ generous gift will help us provide the young women in the Crisis Program not only with a safe place to stay, but with targeted, focused, personal development plans that enable them to ‘build themselves up’; getting the help and tools that they require to leave the streets behind forever.

Thank you Hockey Helps the Homeless for your wonderful support of our youth and the homeless community. To learn more about Hockey Helps the Homeless and the amazing work that they are doing across Canada, please visit