Mary gets caring support in the overnight hours

While on overnight shift in the Crisis Program recently, there was a young woman Mary, who was not able to sleep and decided to come out to see me. Mary seemed to be angry about something (often our youth struggle with sleep due to the trauma they have experienced). She was being rude and she asking for many things and I tried to provide what I could.

She asked for a printed picture that she could paint to help her calm down and relax. I looked around and could not find any. I searched online for a large picture design and I printed two pictures and gave them to her. One of the pictures was a turtle and she decided to color that one. I watched from the office, as she appeared to calm while coloring. Eventually when she was done, with a smile on her face, Mary called me to show me what a beautiful picture it was.

She asked me if I knew the “Super Mario” game and I said yes with a smile because the picture looked like a turtle from the game. I told her that I played the game while growing up and I told her how beautiful the picture looked. Mary said she felt better and put up the picture for others to see. Mary was then able to get back to sleep to get some much-needed rest.

I like being able to support youth as they work through their emotions and struggles, having one on one time with the youth is something that is very special about working the overnight shift.