A little support was all Dawn needed…

Dawn came to Covenant House Vancouver from another province to start fresh and take some time away from her family who were stuck in a spiral of drug abuse. Having never used drugs herself, Dawn found it very depressing to watch her family spiral downward in that way.

Dawn spent most of her teenage years caring for her household and taking care of the little things: laundry, dishes, cleaning, cooking and caretaking for her siblings. She stepped in where her parents did not. As such, despite an incredible work ethic, at 19, Dawn had no formal job experience.

While staying at Covenant House, Dawn got involved with a program that helps young people enter the construction industry. Dawn attended the program 5 days a week and obtained all her tickets and certifications that would enable her to work on a construction site.

Dawn received a job in the industry where she got to put her work ethic to good use. Each day she would come waltzing back into the Crisis Program in overalls with a hard hat on her head, just covered in dirt.

As Dawn grew a fair amount of savings, we sat down to make a budget plan. To Dawn’s amazement she had enough money saved to be able to rent an apartment just outside Vancouver and have enough to buy food and bus fare as well. Dawn was very proud of what she had accomplished.

Dawn was successful in finding a place and has since transitioned to independent living. We are wishing all the best for her!

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