“Ten more minutes!”

We received tickets to go skating at Robson Square. On a wintry Sunday, we struggled to wrangle guys to join us outside in the cold. Finally, we convinced some young men to come with us, Joe and Roger. One of the guys (Pete) was initially excited to come, but later felt like he did not want to go because some of the other guys were teasing him about skating.

Roger was proud of how well he could skate even though he hadn’t in a while.

Joe strapped on his skates. Despite mumbling about how it being too cold and complaining about how the ice wasn’t nice enough. You could see how happy he was on the ice by the way a smile was permanently glued to his face as he seamlessly glided forwards and back. He shared how he used to skate and play hockey as a kid and, thankfully, gave me tips on how to skate better.

The biggest surprise of the night was when Pete showed up, saying he changed his mind. He strapped on his skates, and was so happy skating around. He shared his memories of his childhood when he skated on ponds and small ice-rinks in his small towns.

It may have been hard to get them to the skating rink, but finally when it was time to go they did not want to leave. “Ten more minutes!” they shouted.

It is always awesome to see the guys have so much fun, laughing and having a good time.

Shared by Youth Worker Sarah