A Youth Poem – Sunday Send Off

Taking a leap of faith, here I go
Off to a new place with more snow.

Nervous and scared but excited as well
Looking back on the memories, I will tell.

Summer time was when I arrived
And since that day I felt like I was alive.

So many good workers I have met at the Cov
All weird and cool, I got nothing but Love.

There were tears, there were laughs
And oh so many crafts

Sleepless nights and tired days
Staff would cheer me up, always knowing what to say

To hell and back I have come
I never gave up, rarely said I was done

I’ll be honest to admit I am scared to start anew
But if Covey has taught me anything, it’s okay to just be you.

So thank-you Covey, I don’t have words to say
You have been my saving grace, till another day!

*Shared by an anonymous youth.