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Pastoral Counselors

Pastoral Counsellors

Seeking to undo the spiritual and psychic harm homeless and at-risk youth have experienced.

Pastoral Counsellors

At the Pastoral Office, our Pastoral Counsellors work with the conviction that all people are sacred and of ultimate value. Our youth have been told in a number of ways that they are worthless or that they are mere objects for use and abuse by others. They come to us guided by the thought that they are more than throwaways. We show them that they are incredibly important and that the world values them and their contributions.

The work of the Pastoral Office heals the spiritual and psychic harm these homeless and at-risk youth have experienced.

Our goal is to increase their positive spiritual identity and ability to cope. We provide diverse, inclusive and holistic spiritual care. We also provide learning opportunities to any youth who ask for it. When needed, we’re there with support and counsel in times of grief and loss. We help youth to explore and develop their personal spiritual, religious and cultural identities. And, if a youth wishes, we help them to connect to safe and healthy spiritual, religious or cultural communities.