Corporate Opportunities 

There are countless ways your organization and employees can work together to provide a lifeline for homeless and at-risk young people. 

Your Company Giving Back to the Community

Our Corporate Opportunities won’t just help vulnerable youth; they will also help your business. Corporate social responsibility is frequently on the minds of consumers, and it plays a large role in their purchasing decisions. It’s also a fantastic way to engage your staff and know that together you are making a difference in your community!  

When companies support social or environmental issues, consumer affinity increases shared from the 2017 Cone Communications/Echo Global CSR Study:   

Your company collaborating with Covenant House Vancouver to provide love and care for youth experiencing homelessness is the ultimate example of “doing well by doing good.” And while collaborating is good for your business, it’s absolutely vital to ours.   

Give to Covenant House and Reach Your Social Responsibility Goals 

Join Our Campaigns  

We organize campaigns throughout the year that you and your team can join. Partner with us for our Sleep Out events or a “Go Casual for Covenant House” Day. Download our Corporate Opportunities Fundraising Guide to learn more! 

Donations and Sponsorships 

Promote your business by making a corporate donation, sponsoring an event, or starting a cause marketing campaign. We can work with you to recognize and celebrate your company’s generosity in ways that are most beneficial to your organization. 

Employee Giving 

Encourage your employees to sign up for automatic payroll deductions or incorporate fundraising into your workplace events. Giving your employees a common cause to support is a great way to build engagement and a spirit of community. It also makes your company’s values real and your commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR) tangible. 

Become a Matching Donor 

Inspire others to give by becoming the matching donor for one of our campaigns. You can also encourage your staff to donate by matching their payroll deductions, annual donations or the funds they raise at an event. 

Volunteer Opportunities 

Engage your staff further by inviting them to give their time to our organization and the youth we serve. We would be happy to chat with you to explore our current volunteering events and opportunities.

Contact Us

Contact our Development & Communications team to explore these opportunities and find out more:
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Download our Corporate Opportunities Fundraising Guide